Hello, world

Hello, world

It's been a long while since I've had a blog.

Even as I write this, I think about how futile this could be: over seven billion people in the world, with almost half of them using the Internet. What difference would one additional voice make?

But the same argument can be made in the opposite direction. What difference would one additional voice make? It wouldn't hurt to put my thoughts out there, freeform as they may be, to ground myself against the impermanence of social media. Ergo, here I am.

Hi, reader. My name is Jared, and at the time of writing, I am a computer science undergraduate at the University of the Philippines Diliman. I love computers, however hard my classes might try to dissuade me, and I have a particular interest in the Web. Outside of technology, I am a big fan of dogs, mint chocolate ice cream, photography, and queer films (watch Beautiful Thing if you haven't yet!)

I created this blog in the hopes that I would regain my love for writing, which I'd lost to the sands of time STEM studenthood. Rather than restricting myself to a rigid posting schedule of some sort, my aim for this space is to be a slightly more long-form version of my private Twitter; thus, "jared's thought dump."  Expect to see thoughts about technology, graphic design, and life in general as a Web developer here.

Thanks for reading this far, and I hope to see you around here again 🥳